QCARES projects often fit into one of these three main areas... 


Transgender & Non-binary Affirming Therapy

How can mental health professionals do a better job serving transgender and non-binary clients? What are the evidence-based approaches that actually feel affirming to transgender clients? Using mock-therapy videos and trans narratives, we are adding to the literature about trans peoples' experiences in therapy, what feels affirming, and what doesn't. 

LGBTQ Mental Health & Wellness

We are exploring the specific mental health and wellness needs of identified communities with the goal of transforming the structure and delivery of mental health, wellness, and support services. Using community-based action research, we hope to create innovative mental health programs, develop an infrastructure of trained LGBTQ-affirming therapists in San Luis Obispo County, and address the issues most relevant to the LGBTQ+ community. To get yourself involved, take our survey or join a focus group!

Teaching & Training about Diversity 

There are various methods for teaching about issues of diversity to increase receptiveness and decrease resistance. We are interested in the various factors that influence training success, including the content and context, especially for LGBTQ+ trainings with mental health professionals and students-in-training. A current project tracks the efficacy of a series of trainings on transgender basics for mental health professionals and medical doctors in an effort to understand what works.